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So I'm Guessing , you are perhaps looking for discreet companionship filled with romance, fantasy, pleasure, adventure, excitement and even relaxation. 

I offer something for everybody's unique taste, as each & every inquiry is different, as we all crave and desire different Things from our fantasies.


You have never experienced real genuine passion or Intimacy until you have experienced me, from the time you walk in the door I will leave you feeling like the most wanted & desired man/woman alive, my sensual soft touch, with my sweet breath soft big sensual lips grazing your lips, staring deep into your eyes, touching, kissing and caressing, every inch of our bodies intertwining with one another's, we will enter into a new state of Ecstasy together, where we both get lost in our own world, even if it is for a short time.


Do you even remember what it feels like to have someone look at you with nothing but true desire, passion, & want for you, to truly just crave all of you, when you look into my eyes you will see and feel exactly how much I truly do just admire, need, want, & crave every inch of you.


I am going to remind you of what pure sensational intimacy is like, and if you have never experienced that with anyone before then baby, you need to come see me, because every man and woman deserves that in their lives. 

I enjoy spending time with guests of all kinds, from first-timers to extreme hobbiest from the shy quiet type, to the outgoing personalities. 


I am your teacher, your lover,  your rock,your companion, your best friend, your mistress, your girl friend, I am everything you have ever needed and wanted in a woman and so much more.


I know that contacting and visiting me can be nerve-racking for some but I recognize this and make it a point to do my very best to make you feel comfortable throughout our communications and within the first few minutes of meeting me you will know I am very warm and welcoming, easy to talk to, and down-to-earth. I believe that real genuine connections, and open communication are the key. 

All men/women are looking for a woman (or women) who are: Playful, Independent, & Emotionally Mature. Someone He's Attracted To On Every Level & Then Some.


I have the intelligence necessary to know I am all four of these things. Im stunningly attractive with my cute little frame and amazing figure. I seem to have developed a reputation for having a "bubbly, loving, affectionate" personality, which is absolutely true, but when I smile and laugh you'll understand just how quickly you'll be attracted to me and how addictive I am.


I dress the way a confident, successful, strong woman would - all while still managing to nearly buckle knees when Im first examined by my slightly revealing snug black dress which hints a little about my playfulness. I have a firm grasp of human nature and emotions. I know who I am and what my strengths are and Im extremely confident in them. Im no push-over and I know the environment & Im extremely mature in my knowledge of this environment given my young age.

Be prepared to fall for me quickly, but also understand I'm far too smart and far too put together to tolerate disrespect or waste time with juvenile antics. Be a gentlemen/ lady and engage in sincere, direct dialogue ahead of time About the things you seek I’m sure there are plenty.


The time I Spend with you is un-rushed, very focused on your desires, and is all about you.


I am a wonderful listener and can discuss any topic without a slight hesitation. My presence and personality will have you relaxed and aroused all at the same time.


I have no trouble enjoying myself, and enjoying you, while being in control but in such a way that you don't even notice. Nothing drives men more wild and invites them into a deeper level of "connection" than when we play.

I'm very good at flirting, and playful teasing, and I have a beautiful sense of humor.


I have the "girl next door looks" with a bit of "covertly naughty girl wit".


Treat me with respect and be a gentleman, as you should be with all Women - ask me what I like to do. I will tell you either through my sultry body language or simply be direct and polite and casually discuss it with you.


Understand....I like to play, and I do so with the enthusiasm and fervor of a woman on a mission.


There are people you encounter in life who surprise, shock, mesmerize and flat-out impress the hell out of you, once we meet I will be one of them.