Sexy Exotic Spinner



In private: Please leave your donation on the counter upon arrival.

If using credit/debit card or android/apple pay must let me know upon booking, we will use my reader prior to play.

In public: Please place the donation in a book, gift bag, birthday card or any other creative discreet way- it’s never sexy to have to ask!


Dress Requests

I will arrive dressed tastefully and discreet.
If you have any requests (example; dress casual, no perfume, etc.) Please send me an email prior to our date. I will do my very best to grant your request(s) within reason.

If you have a specific outfit in mind that I do not own, you are welcome to purchase it for me and I will happily wear it for our date.



Please understand that I may have other plans scheduled after our meeting. If you will be running late, please tell me as soon as possible that you may not make it by your scheduled time, so I can try my best to adjust my schedule to accommodate. If not able to accommodate your time will be shorten with no refund.



Hygiene is of utmost importance to ensure a fun date. Please prepare as if you are going on a date, meeting, or interview.

You are more than welcome to use the incall shower to freshen up!



Payments in person (not deposit) are by cash, credit card, debit card, apple pay or android pay only. Unfortunately I do not accommodate payment apps such as Paypal, CashApp, Venmo etc., due to chargeback risks, for anything other than the deposit.



I do accept and appreciate tasteful and non-invasive reviews 
I would appreciate you write about details such as my reliability, attitude, authenticity, etc.

Thank you!