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Honolulu, HI.

January 12th 6am - 12am!

January 13th 6am - 12am!

January 14th 6am - 12am!(FMTY Booked All Day)!


Kihei, HI.

January 15th 4pm - 12am!

January 16th 6am - 12am!

January 17th 6am - 11am!


Kona, HI

January 18th 4pm - 12am!

January 19th 6am - 12am!



Santa Fe, NM.

January 22nd 6am - 12am (FMTY completely booked)!

January 23rd 6am - 12am!


Albuquerque, NM.

January 24th 3pm - 12am!

January 25th 6am - 12am!


Des Moines, IA.

January 30th 6am - 12am!

January 31st 6am - 12am!


Omaha, NE.

Feb. 2nd 1pm - 12am!

Feb. 3rd 6am - 12am (Booked 6p-12a)!

Feb. 4th 6am - 12pm!


Little Rock, AR.

Feb. 5th 6am - 12am(booked 6am - 11am)!

Feb. 6th 6am - 12am!

Feb. 7th 6am - 12am!


Kansas City, MO.

Feb. 8th 6am - 12am!

Feb. 9th 6am - 12am!


Topeka, KS.

Feb. 10th 4pm- 12am!

Feb. 11th 6am - 12am!

Feb. 12th 6am - 12pm(Noon)


Cedar Rapids, IA.

Feb. 13th 6am - 12am!

Feb. 14th 6am - 12am!

Feb. 15th 6am - 12am!(Booked overnight)!


Sioux Falls, SD

Feb. 19th 6am - 12am(booked from 6am-2pm)!

Feb. 20th 6am - 12am!

Feb. 21st 6am - 12am!


Sioux City, IA.

(My very first time visiting, make sure ya'll treat me right)!

Feb. 22nd 4pm - 12am!

Feb. 23rd 6am - 12am!


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